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My Offerings

Somatic Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

 “We are not thinking machines. We are feeling machines that think.” Antonio Damaiso

I use a Somatic focus in therapy to integrate our minds, bodies, and spirits to make room for quiet, organic healing to occur. Remembering that our feelings come before our thoughts and behaviors reminds us of the importance of noticing our feelings and we will learn to slow down and listen to our feelings on a body, mind, and spirit level. With a deeper understanding of yourself we will come to understand that anything that overwhelms us is trauma and therefore triggers our brain to go into a flight, fight or freeze response. Together we will learn skills to help you move with and through your trauma and have more agency, understanding and grace for how you have been walking in the world and in your relationships. 

Relational Life Therapy

Couples Therapy using the RLT approach


Human beings are social species, wired to connect. According to Lieberman by the time we are ten years old each of us has spent 10,000 hours learning to make sense of people and groups and that our need to connect is a primary driver behind our behavior. No one gives us a “roadmap” to our relationships and yet they are what truly matter to us. How many times have you and your partner had that same fight about that same thing? Often we can get thrown by things our partners are doing or are failing to do without an understanding that all relationships have a pattern of Harmony, Disharmony and then Repair. Let’s learn together how to lean into the rhythm of our relationships. I want to help you learn how to re-connect after a disconnect, to be seen, heard and understood by your partner.

We have a drive to survive that competes with our longing to connect and RLT therapy gets to the heart of this longing by building enough safety in the relational system so we can learn to tolerate enough stress to grow. RLT therapy helps clients understand that their relationships are an ecosystem and that it is in their best interest to hold themselves and their partners in warm regard even when their wounded and adaptive children are showing up. The RLT therapist helps the couple understand their stances and their dance as we gather data that tells the individual and the relational story of our clients. RLT therapy helps us keep our brains in the game while we are in the “whoosh” of activation. This modality explores how childhood trauma can lead to relational dysfunction and help clients restore connection to self. We directly address behaviors, help couples build relational skills and confront people with compassion.

I want you to enjoy more safety, joy and intimacy in your relationships and I follow a step by step system that will support you on your relationship journey.

Mini Bootcamp for Couples

Mini Bootcamp for RLT Therapy

I am offering a 4 session mini bootcamp that goes over the governing principles of Relational Life Therapy.  This is for couples who would like to have a deeper understanding of how to be in healthy relationships and are not quite ready to commit to couples therapy. Here we will be more academic with our time, learning the nuts and bolts of being relational humans.

In this deep dive we will look at how Self Esteem and Boundaries are key components that get us into our Adaptive Children and out of our Wise Adult.  We will learn about the Relational Grid and take a quiz to find out where we fall in the Grid.  

We will understand the 5 Losing Strategies and the 5 Winning Strategies of relationships.

We will understand of Core Negative Images of our partners and find ways to bust those.

We will understand how to communicate about hard things and what to do when we are so overwhelmed that communicating anything could be dangerous to our relationship.

Somatic Experiencing Sessions and Consults

Somatic Experiencing Sessions and Consults

I have been a student of Somatic Experiencing for over 20 years and have trained and assisted all over the world. I am able to do all levels of sessions and consults for your SE credits.

I offer both personal and case consultation around deepening skills and integrating relational healing with your clients and self. I will help you become more present and deepen your capacity to support yourself and the people you work with move from stuckness, chaos and rigidity into great relational flow, connection and healing.

I love to share my more advanced knowledge of using touch, movement and rhythm with SE having trained with and assisted Kathy Kain and Steve Terrell.

My newest passion is weaving in Relational Life Skills and Internal Family Systems (IFS) into SE. Together we can put these exciting new learnings into practice.

I have done a deep dive into Polyvagal Theory with Deb Dana and have a clear understanding of Polyvagal theory and practice and can help you learn how to integrate Polyvagal practices and SE.

Come learn with me as I share my passion for this work

Look for my upcoming Video webcasts with Julie Clark called A DEEP DIVE INTO SOMATIC PSYCHOTHERAPY coming soon. Julie and I, both seasoned SE practitioners speak about using our SE skills with our clients.

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