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Candy Smith

Discover How to Re-Connect with your Partner and Experience more Safety, Intimacy and Joy

My Offerings

Balancing Rocks
Compassionate counseling

Individual Psychotherapy

 I use a Somatic focus in therapy to integrate our minds, bodies, and spirits to make room for quiet, organic healing to occur.

Sunset Horizon

Relational Life Therapy

I read Terry Real's book Fierce Intimacy and it blew my mind.  I finally understood that I was not alone in my relationship struggles and his Relationship Grid was life changing for my husband and I.

Lotus Flower
Compassionate Counseling

For the SE Professional and Student

I have been a student of Somatic Experiencing for over 20 years and have trained and assisted all over the world. I am able to do all levels of sessions and consults for your SE credits.

About Candy Smith

Candy earned her Masters Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling at California State University, Fullerton in 1993. She became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in in 2001 and has continued to assist and provide SE sessions and consults.

Candy Smith of Compassionate Counseling
Online Therapy, Individual and Couples

I am a Telehealth Professional

Virtual Therapist
  • What is Relational Life Therapy?
    Relational Life Therapy is a form of couples counseling that helps partners understand the dance they do relationally. Once we begin to understand the dance we are then able to look at the pattern and work to change the steps in the dance that are not working for the couple. In order to change the dance we need insight and understanding to gain awareness of where those patterns come from. When we start to understand where they are coming from we will learn new skills that will help the couple resolve conflicts, develop personal accountability, improve communication and foster intimacy.
  • What is Somatic Experiencing™ ?
    Somatic Experiencing is a neurobiological approach to treating trauma. A definition of trauma that I like is anything that is too much, too fast, too soon or not enough for too long. (Peter Levine). Somatic means “of the body.” SE® is a method of releasing stress and trauma that gets “stuck” in the body. When we become stressed by an overwhelming life event of some kind, our brains tell our bodies to either run, fight, or freeze. Since running or fighting doesn’t usually make sense to us, we stifle all of that energy, and it gets trapped inside the body. Under these conditions, Dr. Peter Levine’s research shows that a trauma event creates a physiological energy which, unless released, can cause problematic symptoms.
  • What is the goal of Somatic Experiencing?
    The goal of Somatic Experiencing is to regulate the nervous system through the use of sensations, imagery behaviors, emotion and meaning. This method is designed to restore resilience and reconnect the body's inner wisdom, which moves naturally toward balance.
  • What is the work process?
    Whether doing Individual or Couples sessions Candy will invite you to tell her what you would like out of our time together often starting a session with “If this were a great session what would we accomplish in our time together.” She believes you are here with a need and would like to meet you where you are and help you accomplish your wish. Candy will ask you to slow down, come into your body and find your wisdom. She will be present for what shows up and help you lean into your story and truth.
  • Will I get better?
    Most people report feeling hope after their first session and continue to shift toward healing and growth over time. Of course, therapy is a very individual process, and in partnership with Candy, close attention is paid to the shifts and changes in your sense of well being.
  • Are in person sessions available?
    No, Candy is fully remote and telephone and zoom sessions are available Monday through Friday from 8-4pm Central.
  • How does billing work?
    Your credit card will be kept on file and charged the agreed-upon fee after each scheduled session/appointment.
  • Do you take insurance?
    No, but an invoice will be sent to you with everything you need to submit to your insurance company.
  • What is the cancellation, or missed appointment policy?
    24 hour notice is required for all cancellations. Failure to cancel within that time frame results in a full session fee charge.
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